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  OwniCloud is a Milestone Cloud that can change a person, a company, and even the whole world inside out!    
  Can you imagine searching millions of your private data like Google? Well, OwniCloud lets you do it.

  • OwniCloud can manage, search, and store data with perfect sharing;
  • OwniCloud has unique Table of Content Interface to organize millions of private docs into searchable book(s), you can find out anything in a click;
  • OwniCloud's sharing is safe and secure, can share thousands of folders and files with hundreds of people, never mess up, and group owner can self-check who accessed which doc at what time;
  • OwniCloud's sharing with "Document Lock" feature to avoid group members overwrite each other's change;
  • OwniCloud is very secure with multi-level server security, application security, and user account data security;
  • OwniCloud can be a person or company's central management system to manage work flows, processes, customers, employees and everything;
  • OwniCloud can sell products and services in group account to group members;
  • OwniCloud server can be sold to big and small companies on their own network with affordable price;
  • OwniCloud is designed so well that it can be put in laptop;

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