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  OwniCloud powered by IBM-Softlayer, integrated best-in-class Software and Hardware Cloud together with features:    
  • You’ve read a lot of books, all of them with table of content, OwniCloud lets you read your own private data/docs/files like reading a 'book' with table of content interface built by yourself;
  • Your 'book' with most powerful searches, you can search the whole book, and even search keywords in a chapter or section, see F.A.Q. 9. How to search;
  • You can share your 'book' (group account) with serious, perfect and well-managed sharing;
  • Important documents can be listed at left side of each page under Side Listings except home page, see TourGuide 9 to 11;
  • Group account doc is locked when member user edits it, so two members can not edit the same group doc at the same time, avoid one member overwrites another member's change;
  • Apart from managing and searching docs, you can sell products and services in group user account;
  • It can also be a company's central management system to manage customers, employees, work flows, processes, and everything;
  • It works on all PCs, cell phones, and other devices, as long as you have browser and Internet, you can access your data from anywhere with any devices;
  • This milestone Search Engine Cloud System can change a person, a company, and the whole world inside out;

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